Who Can We Look For The Truth
Who Can We Look To For The Truth
by Larry Turner
What the recent Presidential campaign has exposed is not only the corruption that runs rampant in American politics but also the corruption that exists and was laid bare during the campaign in…
Giving Back - Roy Rogers
Giving Back: Roy Rogers
by William J. Gallo
There are individuals who by nature are exalted and life experiences have a way of humbling them, and then there are those who by nature are humble and life has a way…
COVID-19 Update Edition
by Chip LaMarca
Department of Health Update: The Florida Department of Health is encouraging Floridians to contact their healthcare provider or pharmacy to get vaccinated for the flu. Once vaccinated, it takes about two weeks…
Your Philanthropic Legacy
by Frederick R. MacLean
“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” - Ronald Reagan If you were asked to choose the greatest philanthropist in American history, whom would you name? You might choose Bill…
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