The Marlins Don’t Command Much Space This Year
by Larry Turner

I’ll make this quick because there is very little to add to the existing sad story that is the Miami Marlins and, worse yet, there is no quick-fix in sight.  This is the result of years of poorly constructing a team presumably for the distant future, but with little hope for success in the immediate future.

The pitching continues to be decent, although some of the starters are showing the wear and tear of the season, and too many games are being lost in the late innings.  That results both from a lack of the team’s ability to fight its way back into a game as well as the inability of the bullpen to hold onto leads.

The continuing bright spot is Jazz Chisholm, but even he has shown the results of the number of innings he has played and the absence of any prospect for improvement from now to the thankful end of the season.  It is hard to play at a high level when you’re the only lit candle on the cake.

Management hasn’t shown us anything to date.  Let’s hope that changes soon.