The Miami Heat May Already Have Made A Wise Choice For Next Year
by Larry Turner

It is always exciting to anticipate your favorite team signing a LeBron James or a Kevin Durant, but sometimes the best course of action is not to make those acquisitions. There is certainly no guarantee that the addition of the talent in question will give the team a ticket to the NBA Finals because the new guy may get injured or just not fit in with the chemistry of the remaining players.Also, position players who may not be high scorers are often the reasons for the success of the “star” players, so losing those players to accommodate the new star doesn’t always work out as desired.

So, we should not be upset that the Heat has not acquired Durant or his equivalent. It’s not like we didn’t enjoy a playoff team last year, and with one more year under their respective belts the current roster is bound to be more effective and productive next year just the way they are.

Of course, if the team surprises us and gives Jimmy Butler a well-known running mate, that would be great assuming, of course, that together they can make up for the talent lost in the acquisition and that they will easily mix with the existing team talent.

If management felt that the team was stuck in quicksand with the present roster, you can bet your ski boots that Riles would have taken some action by now to right the ship. Having not done so gives credence to the belief that no block-buster trades are in the wind and that the team feels it can sculpt the existing roster to improve on last year’s performance.

All we have to do is wait and see. A wise man once opined that he became wise by not betting against Pat Riley!