September – October 2021 Issue

We The People
We The People

by Roberta B. Turner

Predicting The Dolphins' 2021 Season
The Dolphins'
2021 Season

by Larry Turner

Cash Flow Management
Cash Flow

by Frederick R. MacLean

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Vulnerable Is One Word That Describes Being Hacked

It happens more often than not. My computer was hacked. We have all types of software and a strong IT department that monitors our server, network and computers but, unfortunately, we were hacked. We realized it at the time and were able to react instantly. The first thing we did was shut down our system. The next was to contact our IT department to see how severe and deep the hacker was able to penetrate my computer. (more)

Broward Update

by Chip LaMarca

Doreen has never been a high-profile personality whose goal was to embrace many organizations and publications throughout her career. In contrast she is the polar opposite. Doreen has maintained a laser focus to motivate individuals to explore and learn from the writings of others. In doing such she has had a positive influence on generations of individuals. (more)

As we age, I think it is natural for us to contemplate what the effect of eventual retirement will be. Well, the pandemic gave a lot of us a chance to experience what inevitably will come one day. Because most of our normal “work” dried up from the impact of COVID-19, our time became available and we had the opportunity to judge how things might be upon our retirement. (more)