July – August 2022 Issue


Summer is here, which means that Hurricane Season is upon us. Hurricane season starts on June 1st and runs until November 30th. It was reported in April that we will have an “above normal” Atlantic Hurricane season. Meteorologists are predicting approximately 19 named storms this year, with 9 of them to become hurricanes. As always, we must be prepared. Each year we pass a Hurricane Preparedness week in our Tax Package in the Florida House. (more)

Giving Back:
Keith T. Koenig

by William J. Gallo

Keith has accomplished this by creating and propagating a corporate responsibility that “strives to make the world a better place by acting on behalf of the community, the planet and all of its company associates.” The result of this corporate responsibility is an organization that offers Style to the community and is known for being Green Focused and Community Minded. (more)

The Summer
of 22

by Roberta B. Turner

The list of worldwide issues goes on and it’s real. And its frightening. People are suffering and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus of how to begin to solve the problems. And the problems are not only our own in the United States but they are worldwide. The list is so extensive that it would be impossible to include all the huge hurdles we as a country and a world are now facing. (more)