A Basic Lesson In Protecting The Quarterback
by Larry Turner

There are times when the right path forward seems so obvious, only to have a blanket of doubt thrown over everything by those in control.

Take the Dolphins for example. The team has a quarterback who has shown excellence only to have that success darkened by injury. So, the obvious answer would seem to be to protect him at all costs, and the way to accomplish it is to have a great offensive line that can block to enable the running game to succeed, keeping the opposition off balance and off the QB, and make the passing game easier when the passer has time to read the field better. That sounds right on all counts. Then why hasn’t management for years, and especially now with Tua at the helm, recognized this solution and assembled a solid offensive line? The answer used to be that offensive linemen are always available and there’s no need to waste a high draft pick for that purpose. Well, that response has been shot down for years, but the team still acts like that position on the team doesn’t matter. If management is right, we’ll be enjoying All-Pro talent at wide receiver and running back. If they’re wrong, Tua will be watching a lot of games this year from a wheelchair.

Photography Courtesy Of The Miami Dolphins