A Few More Words About Immigration
by Larry Turner

I would like to chat a little more about our national immigration situation and to start by addressing two points, the first only briefly.

Have you noticed that, with the exception of platforms like Fox News, there is little mention about current border issues?  This is the “controlled media” mechanism we spoke about in the last issue.

The other point is much harder to analyze and make any sense about it.  And it requires me to admit that, for once, I agree with the White House.  The immigration situation is not a crisis; no, it is an absolute catastrophe! Why else would the person assigned to lead the resolution of that issue not participate in recent high-level discussions with the Mexican government about how to resolve it?

Thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants have already crossed our borders this year and we are told that perhaps a hundred thousand more are on their way to our borders, mainly Haitians.  Most of these people are not being processed thoroughly, are not being tested for diseases such as COVID, and are not capable of being traced once they are released into our country. They are advised to appear for processing within sixty days of their apprehension, but how many do you really think are going to adhere to that request?  And, even if you could find them, they will have been among our population for sixty days infesting our citizens with whatever diseases they brought with them.

This immigration policy of the Biden administration raises the questions about why do these immigrants get a free pass when others following proper protocol do not; how do the communities where they are placed house and feed them?  And, what do we do with those U.S. citizens who are displaced at the lower rungs of the work ladder by these illegals who will do anything for a paycheck?

By the way, have you noticed that most of them are dressed in new, clean clothes when they approach the border crossings?  Someone is dressing them for the crossing and you can bet that whoever is doing that is making a fortune in the process.

Those of us fortunate enough to live in South Florida will have to deal with this problem very soon, because where do you think Haitians, Cubans and former residents of South America will want to live, work and play?  South Florida, of course.

This problem is probably too large now for the White House or a political party to deal with and resolve.  Consideration should be given to asking for the advice and assistance of the United Nations to address the complicated issues raised by our now very porous borders.