Acts Of Kindness
by Roberta B. Turner

We think the world and certainly we who live in South Florida need a little more kindness, and we believe in order to receive it we need to live our lives by doing more acts of kindness.    Kindness can be demonstrated in many ways.    Here are some ways to consider the spread of kindness:

COMMUNICATING is one way of displaying kindness.  When someone does something for you, a traditional “thank you” might not really show your total appreciation of what he or she has done. Expressing yourself with your additional emotions and thoughts would be a good way of spreading kindness.

VOLUNTEERING is another way of showing kindness.   Whether it is a favorite charity, a church or house of worship, there are plenty of wonderful ways to volunteer that will demonstrate your act of kindness to others whether that can benefit both humans and pets.

DONATING is also an excellent way to promote kindness and it can be anything from slightly used furniture to clothing, shoes, purses, and other items.  Just make sure that the person to whom you are donating your items will pass on the goodwill and not use it for profit.

ORGANIZING is another way to show kindness and this can be as simple as arranging a friend’s lunch to catch-up and let your group know you value their friendship, or actually developing an event where you can raise money for a specific cause.

ENCOURAGING someone you know, whether it’s a child, grandchild, or adult, who has things going on in their lives that we are unaware of and somehow, you don’t want to pry, but you do want to be a cheerleader and this can be a really good act of kindness that could make a difference during a difficult time.

GIFTING is another act of kindness that should be considered.   If you are fortunate to have extra money that you can donate to help others this should be considered.   This should be discussed with your family, your tax advisor, and considered in your will.

We would like to encourage you to bring to The Light Magazine any specific acts of kindness that our communities should be aware of.