America As We Knew It Does Not Exist Today
by Roberta B. Turner

Why are we not speaking out about all the problems we are facing? Why are we not standing up to all the hatred and bias we are experiencing?

The destruction of private businesses, the harassment of our police officers, looting, tearing down monuments, and erasing the history of our country are things I could never have imagined, and it seems like these things will continue for all the wrong reasons.

Protesting is one thing but shutting down highways and disrupting traffic and making many people frightened to venture out is wrong.  The protestors have not been social distancing and the Covid-19 virus cases are increasing. They are even talking about enforcing the stay-at-home orders again.

I am sick of the celebrities’ unrealistic comments about everyday events that they cannot even relate to.  They live in their own world and support ideas that are very different from the average American.  As of this writing, they have donated over 20 million dollars to fund the release of the rioters in jail.  There is no doubt this could double by the time we print. And if you follow the news, you will see that 250 people released from jail in New York have been arrested 450 times since their release.  You have to question the leadership of that state.

It does not matter if you are a democrat or a republican, but the lack of respect for the President of the United States is not acceptable to me.  I may or may not be a fan, but he was elected by the people of America and deserves the respect of the office. The constant insults when he actually accomplishes something is beyond ridiculous.  He recently celebrated his birthday and not one media outlet recognized this. More bias.

White House
Mount Rushmore

He recently celebrated his birthday and not one media outlet recognized this. More bias.

The media is probably our country’s worse enemy today.  They lie, they don’t report the truth, and they do not follow up on details on any story – it is all sensational reporting to get ratings and this type of reporting is not only false but it does not enlighten the people about the truth nor does it educate people about the real issues facing our country.

I am also offended by restaurant and retail stores not adhering to the guideline CDC has set for everyone’s safety. I have recently visited two restaurants we enjoy -one in Pompano Beach and one in Boca Raton, and both restaurants have no social distancing with tables on top of each other and no masks or gloves on the managers or staff.  This demonstrates they have no regard for their staff, their families, or their customers.  I think these restaurants have lost our business forever.

I think we are facing many difficult challenges and somehow we as the citizens of this country need to have more respect for each other regardless of our political positions, our race, gender, or the color of our skin.

It is time for Americans to unite and solve the issues that should be corrected, and stand up for our first responders and certainly for our police force.  What kind of a country would we have without these men and women who fight for our safety and freedom every day? They deserve our respect and they deserve our support. They don’t deserve the ugly comments, protests, being attacked by stones and bricks, and all the other horrible ways they have been treated.    

United we stand…divided we fall.  May God bless America again.

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