Are We Witnessing The Growth Or Destruction Of Our Country
by Larry Turner

The present rhetoric about upheavals in the United States gleefully presented or repeated by the media is polarizing the nation and causing some to become racially prejudiced when they never were previously.

There would seem to be two factions at work in almost every problem geographic area. First, there are those men, women and children of all races taking their views to the streets to underscore a problem that they feel needs to be addressed by their leaders at the local, state or national level.  By and large, these actions are peaceful and respectful of the rights of others of similar or diverse views.  Members of our family have marched with these groups to support their causes.

The other faction consists of thugs who are paid by activists who will stop at nothing to create chaos to further their personal goals.  These paid goons cause personal and structural harm for the money they are paid and for the spoils resulting from the burning and looting of buildings and stores, many of which are owned or operated by those who are peacefully protesting.  Just ask the police about the trucks and buses that appear deep in the night to carry off the loot obtained by this faction’s violence.

Of course, the media chooses not to separate these factions when reporting the “news” because it would not be as sensational to their readers or viewers.

The result is that the BLM movement has largely failed in its attempt to focus our attention on the issues concerning how black people are at times treated by the police compared to others; instead, our focus has been diverted to efforts such as defunding the police departments of our major cities so that anarchy will reign and our leaders can be blamed for causing that dangerous situation which puts our nation at the brink of disaster.  Once that is accomplished, new leaders will be installed who will have little to no concern for the general public but great concern for their self-aggrandizement.

There are causes here to be supported by God-fearing, flag-waving Americans; there is also destruction taking place that has nothing to do with these causes and which must be stopped now.