Buddy Can You Spare Me A Billion
by Larry Turner

I’ve lived a reasonably long life, and hope there is more to come, and my life has permitted me to travel and meet people at many levels of our society.   But I am not even close to having attempted so many things and experienced so many different sides of life that nothing impresses or intrigues me any longer.  Not by a long shot.

Sure, I remember when $20 seemed like a lot of money to me as a  youngster, but even today I think of $100 as enough to work hard for. And, certainly, $1 million makes the $100 pale in comparison. We won’t even mention amounts in the billions of dollars.  Well, maybe we will for a second.

Many of us read the Associated Press story reporting that the U.S. Secret Service discovered that around $100 billion, that’s 100 BILLION DOLLARS, was apparently stolen from COVID-19 programs designed to assist those who lost jobs because of the pandemic.  If I told you there have been weekly updates on this enormous theft, I’d be lying.

Apparently, that gigantic sum of money isn’t enough to raise eyebrows in Washington, D.C. or anywhere else.

Easy come, easy go!  But not so fast.  That’s OUR money that disappeared. Isn’t anyone going to demand that a search be undertaken until every penny is recovered and the perpetrators incarcerated?  Is everyone  so comfortable financially that we don’t care what happened or whether anything is recovered, or anyone charged with the crime?

Maybe we as individuals cannot require that something be done but, as individuals, we can make a difference by supporting candidates and officials who find this kind of blasé attitude to be unacceptable and one that will be tolerated no further. I guess the so-called
“mid-term elections” would be a good place to initiate this effort.

Of course, if the millions of illegal immigrants among us are allowed to vote in our elections at all levels, there is scant hope that any such change can be effected and, as a result, our jaundiced views of mountains of money being stolen and those responsible not being pursued will live on until voters learn what is happening in and to our country and decide to change the current course of what may well become our history.

You decide.  It’s your right!