Divide & Conquer
by Larry Turner

Most Americans agree that our country is becoming more polarized, more divided, more racist.  But have you ever let your mind wander down the path that explains why this is happening?

That answer exists whether those in power are liberal or conservative, black or white, male or female, American, Russian or Chinese.  That reason, pure and simple, is POWER.

While watching cowboy movies as a youth, did you ever wonder why the cowboys didn’t try to herd 1,000 head of cattle at the same time but rather broke them up into groups of 20-30?  Sure, it’s easier to control the smaller herds.

At the other end of the spectrum are those in power, those who control the “herds.”  And, obviously it’s easier to govern, or “rule,” the fewer the cooks in the kitchen at the top.

So, what we have constructed is an oligarchy: a populous country governed by a few who live for power.  Power produces wealth, and the ability to remain in power.  Just refer to the many studies about Congressional fundraising, a majority of which conclude that our Congressmen and women spend around half of their time raising funds to sustain themselves in their positions.

Therefore, the reason our country is becoming more polarized, divided and racist is because that population structure is easier to control.  If the people spend a majority of their time fighting each other, or the police, or being frightened of meddling by a foreign country, they won’t be exposed to the reality of where the wealth and power of this country really resides.  Division reduces the risk that they will band together to try to correct the system.

So, now we understand why we are in this predicament; the question is, what are we going to do about it?