Have We Lost Control Of Our Peaceful Existence
by Larry Turner

There has been a seismic, and catastrophic, shift in the balance of power in our country. We have returned to the days of the Wild West when outlaw gangs controlled communities because they possessed the fire power and callousness to do so. It wasn’t until the elders united to hire a “sheriff” who had the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the gangs that the outlaws were thrown out of the peace-seeking towns.

We are back at that critical junction in many of our cities. In some of our most heavily populated regions gangs control the streets, loot at will, and murder when sought to be controlled by law enforcement. And this is perpetuated by some of those in charge of our judicial system who refuse to indict or punish these criminals. That mind-set will undoubtedly lead to anarchy in those cities and, ultimately, in our country.

And, don’t feel smug and safe because you live in a small town that seems to have little to offer criminals. All it would take is a gang of 10-20 thugs to enter your town, terrorize retailers and residents alike, and settle in until the Governor sends the National Guard in to restore peace, or some semblance of peace.

Consider these stories from recent news sources:

Burger King employees are shot in New York, Memphis, Orlando and Milwaukee, among other places.
More and more commuters are being shot while driving on our highways and expressways.
Bodies of missing persons are being found in freezers in private homes and in cars in residential neighborhoods.
Innocent kids are being shot in drive-by shootings intended to remove their parents or other adults.
Trains carrying cargo are being looted by gangs and, in the Los Angeles area, up to 90 such trains are being attacked every day.

One sign of how complacent our nation has become about such happenings is that a recent holiday celebrating the life of one of our greatest citizens, Martin Luther King, was boldly “celebrated” by thugs on motorcycles jeopardizing the safety of our citizens by racing through traffic performing tricks on their bikes. How in the world can you celebrate a peace-loving man by breaking the law? That is the last thing he would have advocated and condoned!

But that is the current mind-set in our country. Don’t work. Steal what you need to survive.Rest assured that law enforcement will not challenge you.Enjoy life, or what you think is life!

Who is going to put a stop to this trend? Unfortunately, it has progressed to a point where it will take the government of a state or the Federal government to attack the problem at its core. However, to date it does not appear that these governments have the fortitude to develop plans to address the problem. But you better hope that they develop some before there is a knock at your door in the middle of the night demanding that you turn your home over to a group that can overpower you in a heartbeat. That may be too late.