Is The U.S. Military Might Being Intentionally Compromized
by Larry Turner

In previous editions of this magazine, we have published articles about how some politicians have adopted a “divide and conquer” plan to better control the country and, further, how better to control individual groups that are too large to control because of their magnitude. Instead, if the country or groups are reduced in size, they are much easier to influence and thereby manage.

The same type of initiative is happening right before our eyes, but this time the segment being targeted is the entire United States. Let’s start by imagining that our country’s entire defensive capability is a large pie containing troops, equipment and ammunition and that, when we are attacked, or threatened, or when one of our allies is attacked or threatened, we remove a slice of the pie to deal with that particular situation and protect our country and its citizens.

If we look at the war-like acts that are transpiring in various parts of the world today, we would have to remove a slice of the pie to deal with Russia’s attempt to overrun the Ukraine, another several slices to stave off the attacks on Israel by Hamas, Palestine and others in the Gaza region, then another slice to retaliate against Iran, Iraq and Yemen for shelling our forces in an around those countries, and let’s not forget to prepare for similar conflicts if, as and when China decides to spank Taiwan for not coming into China’s communist fold.

It doesn’t take long for most of the slices of our pie to be set aside for these conflicts and threats, and others to come. To put this in perspective, many dollars sent by the US to Ukraine are spent by that government to purchase equipment and munitions from the US, thereby draining our own inventories of those items. The result is that our country is not left with adequate might to defend itself against aggression by the major powers that would like to minimize the control exercised today by the US military over various segments of the world stage. At some point, our war machine will be diluted to the point that we can no longer defend ourselves.

In our first example of divide and conquer at the top of this article it was about how politicians control groups by dividing them into smaller segments. In the second example we see how enemy countries divide our country’s military force and thereby reduce our defensive strength should an enemy attack us. Both examples show how the concept of “divide and conquer” can be effective.

With important local and national elections upcoming, voters need to be cognizant of the above concepts and potential threats to our country when deciding to whom to cast their votes for when given the opportunity the freedom we enjoy permits us to do so. How is each candidate planning on dealing with this threat? This may be one of the most important decisions of our lives.