It’s Too Early To Tell About The Marlins
by Larry Turner

It’s difficult to predict a season’s success practically before it has a chance to unfold, but a few things are obvious as long as we stick to generalities, with a few exceptions.

With Arraez in the lead-off position, the team will without question have an experienced player whose main talent is getting on base. That should be a given.  And, with Chisholm in centerfield, the team will not only be fun to watch as Jazz matures in his new position but he can also hit, hit with some power, and run the bases with the best.

Couple the pluses those players bring to the plate, so to speak, with a very capable group of starters and some would say a “nasty” bunch of relievers, and the team has a head start on being pretty competitive.

But not so fast. The glaring hole in the roster put together by management is its lack of power. It is possible that the current group can produce one or two solid hitters, but their resumes do not foretell of someone who can challenge Mr. Judge in the next home-run hitting contest at the All Star Game. Of course, most teams don’t have that star either, but you have to possess sufficient talent to get base runners home rather than consistently stranding them at the end of each inning.

I guess the challenge will be to develop, or acquire, a power hitter with known credentials so the team, and especially the pitching staff, can have confidence that if runners get in scoring position, the talent is there to bring them home.  Let’s hope that’s the case with this year’s Marlins.

Photos Courtesy Of The Miami Marlins