Let’s Go Brandon May Soon Become Let Go Brandon
by Larry Turner

In other words, instead of using profanity to express our disapproval of the performance of the President, we could perhaps more persuasively be asking the President to resign or otherwise agree, or not object, to being removed from office.  Thus, the battle cry becomes “Let Go Brandon,” or, please Mr. President, for the good of our country, resign or otherwise let go of your office.

There is no doubt in my mind that most Democrats in positions of power, or aspiring to positions of power, would relish a script that would accomplish this and strengthen their position in the 2024 Presidential Election.  But just how would that work?

Let’s assume that Kamala Harris could be “convinced” that her future role in life is not to become President of the United States. There is no question in my mind that this is extremely doable.  Once that is accomplished, the Constitution of the United States requires Congress to approve the replacement of a resigning Vice President.  There is also no question in my mind that Congress can bury the normal political hatchets in order to install a new Vice President to become President without that being Kamala Harris.  I know of no one who truly believes she is the least bit qualified to become our President.

So, at this point we have a person approved by Congress as the new Vice President. Who would that be?  Obviously the Democrats will champion someone who will be a stronger contender in 2024 than Joe Biden could ever be.  Of course, the Republicans don’t want to see their chances of a landslide victory over an outclassed Joe Biden destroyed, but there may just be a chance that the Republican party would favor a Democrat who could be a stronger contender in 2024 than Biden or Harris, but someone less than a Bernie Sanders or a similar national figure. Why would the Republicans deign to support such a scenario?  Maybe to save the future of the country for the next couple of years based on a plan of action agreed upon by both sides of the isles in Congress to prevent our continued nosedive to financial and cultural oblivion.

The remaining logical hurdle is to explain why the President would resign, even under these circumstances.  At some point, even the President has to recognize that his health is failing, his policies have failed, and the Democratic Party will fall on its face in the Midterm Elections barring some miracle. And, no politician wants to face being labeled the least effective President in the history of our country.  He would rather be admired for recognizing the country’s current plight and the need to take unparalleled action to right the ship.

Of course, this may be a pipe-dream but it is times like this when such dreams better be hatched, developed and installed if we are to have anything left to enjoy in what were supposed to be our Golden Years but which have turned out to be far less enjoyable than we had led ourselves to believe they would be.

Let Go Brandon so we don’t have to!