Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa
by Larry Turner

My first take on the team was to focus on what looked like players too slight of build to compete with some of the giants of the league. And, if you had told me then that Herro would go down to injury early in the season, I would have been much more pessimistic in my view of what success the team would achieve this year.

Well, I don’t blame you for thinking I must have judged the team with blinders on. The team might not possess behemoths under the basket, but you can’t weigh determination, grit, and confidence. Those are a few of the adjectives that describe how this group actually plays without regard to how they might look on paper.

Every player has accepted the position Spo has assigned them for a particular game and each one has played to win as a team rather than to stoke their personal stats.

Bam’s performance during the first part of the season has been brilliant, Robinson hasn’t missed many threes no matter from where on the court, and 3-J (Jaime Jaquez, Jr.) has displayed an overall game that has contributed greatly to the success of the team. He can rebound, defend using his 225 lbs., and shoot much better than many expected. This will not be an easy line-up for Herro to break back into once he returns to good health. As he plays back into form, his scoring firepower will make the team even more formidable.

If Bam and Robinson continue their stellar play, if Butler contributes to his usual All-Star level, there is adequate talent in the balance of the roster to make for an entertaining season. The truth will be known when the playoffs are within sight and the “big boys” around the league start throwing their weight around. Then we’ll know whether this team can match their opponents’ size with True Grit.

Photography Courtesy Of The Miami Heat