Now It’s Your Chance To Decide
by Larry Turner

This November is mid-term election time, and this time the outcome may decide more than a few races for political positions.  It may decide the course of our country for some time to come, or perhaps even the future of the world as we know it.

Without assigning responsibility for the following conditions of our country, they exist and how we vote in November might decide the outcome of each one separately, and all of them in their totality.  The outcome of how our leaders deal with each issue will affect our country’s future, and the outcome of the totality of the issues may decide the future of our world.  Only time will tell.

Crime in our major cities is unchecked and their viability as places to live or work is doomed unless the voters and their elected officials do something about it immediately. So far they have not, and there is no indication that they are planning on accepting the challenge.

Our country’s approach to energy is questionable at best. We discontinued the pipeline that would have supplied all our energy needs for the foreseeable future; we can no longer purchase our energy from Russia because of a war and sanctions; we are relegated to using our reserves, which won’t last as long as we probably need; and we are left to dealing with regimes in South America who could give a hoot about the future of the U.S.

By any measure, inflation is out of control and there are no policies in effect to stop the implosion.  If you can find products you need, it is likely that they are overpriced.  The production of many have been discontinued and, in the case of food, many of our large producing farms have ceased their operations for now.  Even our natural water supplies are in danger of falling below the needs of our population.

Homelessness is endemic and guaranteed to increase exponentially as long as our borders admit immigrants without processing or even determining whether they bring with them diseases that will spread if for no other reason than we have no way of knowing which ailments are being ushered into our country.

Our government has all but offered Iran possession of nuclear weapons by backing out of treaties that would restrict that country’s ability to create its own nuclear capabilities.  This at a time when we have our hands full with Russia, Ukraine, China, Syria and other nations.

Speaking of China, and we all better be focusing on how that country is playing the U.S. like a fiddle, China continues to make semiconductors, battery components, chips and other products desperately needed by the United States to remain a superpower.  And, I hate to mention this, but have you noticed the number of TV productions and movies that feature nationalities from that part of the world? Do you think that someone is trying to condition Americans to having people who look and sound like those people become our national celebrities, sports heroes, political leaders, etc. so that their eventual assumption of power positions in the country will be accepted in stride?  And, do you think China is doing this to help America or to lead China to world domination?

This list could continue for quite a while, but we will stop on the disturbing situation with respect to the Department of Justice and some other governmental agencies whose written missions are to protect and defend the Constitution of this country.  Instead, it would appear that some have become agents of those in power in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere.  If those assigned to the task of protecting our Democracy are oblivious to their responsibilities and, instead, undertake the dirty work of those who are fully self-absorbed in elevating themselves from under their rocks, where to you think our country is going to wind up?  You might as well strike the definitions of “law” and “order” from the dictionary.

We all get the Constitutional opportunity to cast our votes for those we believe will protect our country for the benefit of our citizens and not for their own self-aggrandizement.

We need to vote based on knowledge and wisdom, not emotion and feathering our own nests. There must be a few good citizens remaining who are willing to place the future of our country first when they enter the voting booths.

The choice is ours.  Exercise your rights wisely and pray that others do too!