Opinions About Taking Medicines Can Change
by Larry Turner

From my earliest days of mental awareness to nearly the present, it has been my unwavering belief that one should not interfere with one body function to assuage a problem in another part of the individual. In other words, don’t take drugs to sleep better or to conquer pain short term.

That is, until a doctor advised me a while ago that my qualify of life would improve markedly if I took a particular medicine two or three times a day. That flew in the face of my lifelong opinion to the contrary, until advice I received from another doctor long ago jumped to the front of my brain.

My earlier doctor’s statement as I recall was to the effect that, with all the medicine available now, and new ones entering the market every year, there is no reason for anyone to feel poorly for any reason. He thought it was more important to live well than just to exist. That was exactly the point my doctor was trying to convey to me recently.

It’s too early to tell whether my latest admonition on how to achieve “better health” will overshadow my lifelong belief to the contrary, but there is enough on the positive side of that position to merit some experimentation before reaching a final decision. It understandably feels pretty persuasive at this point in my life.