Same Problems Same Result
by Larry Turner

It’s hard to tell how good this team really is, or whether it is truly good at all.

The problems each week are pretty much the same, i.e., penalties, mistakes, turnovers, and a shaky offensive line. The strengths are predictable too: strong defense, both the DL and the defensive secondary now with Ramsey back starting; Tua making some unbelievable tosses; and the speed of the running backs and especially the wide receivers continuing to astound. Don’t forget to throw in a little luck, like a 99-yard return of an interception as time runs out in the first half.

Injuries have also played a pivotal role in the Dolphins’ games, starting with the OL and so many different line-ups that are expected to protect Tua and open holes for the speedy backs. Also, with the loss of Phillips from the defense, the back-ups will have to earn their keep without much left behind them should they need help.

With all this being said, the team is still very good, although probably not in the league of the Chiefs, Eagles or 49ers. This time of year, all teams are dealing with injuries and lesser-known substitutes so, as the saying goes, on any given Sunday any team can emerge victorious even against an opponent that on paper seems superior.

Many sports shows focus on Tua and many hosts are critical of his play. The humorous spin on this is that such criticism often follows a day when Tua’s completion percentage was 70% or better. Most teams would be delighted to have such a player at quarterback.

The bottom line is that if the OL can solidity itself, if the running backs can recover from their injuries, and if the defense can overcome the loss of Phillips, this team can go as far as Tua can throw the ball to Hill, Waddle or one of their track buddies. If nothing else, that should make for an entertaining reminder of the season.

Photography Courtesy Of Miami Dolphins