Spring Cleaning: Now Is The Perfect Time To Clean Our Your Closet
by Roberta B. Turner

Are you someone who has too many clothes to fit in your closet, yet you never have anything to wear?

If you are like me, you can accumulate a lot of stuff. And I tend to be a “saver”.   So here are some simple recommendations on how to clean your closet and get yourself a little more organized.  The benefit of being organized is you can enjoy what you wear and know what you have instead of searching or digging for something in a messy closet.

Easy steps to follow

Sort into four categories: love, like, sell or donate.
Ask yourself when is the last time you wore this? When will you wear it again?
Is the size right or are you saving it for when you lose weight?
How long has it been in your closet?
Does it project the image you want to project?
Does it itch or scratch?
Do the shoes pinch your toes? Are the heels too high?
Do you like the color?
If you wouldn’t buy it today then get rid of it.
Is it age appropriate?

Create different piles

Sort into four categories: love, like, sell and donate.

Consignment & giveaway

You have clothes, shoes and purses you have never worn, or worn only once. Take them to consignment if they are like-new, or ask a friend or relative if they would like to have the items. If not, the giveaway pile should go to a local charity.

Throw-away pile

If something is worn, stained or simply in bad condition, put it in your throw-away pile.  Organizing your closet and finally parting with your fashion past can be challenging!

If you’re concerned or unhappy with your current closet space or any storage space in your bedroom, living space, home office or garage, consider hiring a professional organizing company like JL Closets.

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Photos Courtesy Of JL Closets