The Forgotten Concept
by Larry Turner

I cannot tell you how surprised yet delighted I was to see a sign in the kitchen area of one of our favorite restaurants that read:

“Who said ‘Can’t’ ? Someone is always doing something someone else said was impossible. TRY TRYING.”

Too often today we hear people lamenting their inability to accomplish what they are attempting by saying:

I can’t….

It won’t….

This is stupid …..

Usually the person is under 20 years of age but just as often they are between 20 and 60. Age does not make the task any easier. The issue at hand is generally a bottle cap, metal can tops, cellophane coverings, and anything else that challenges one’s ability to access the contents of something. Instead of trying again or perhaps choosing another means of approaching the task, guarded epithets are uttered in the hopes of over-coming the person’s own shortcomings rather than addressing the difficulties posed by the manufacturing methods employed to seal the offending item.

The reason for this condition appearing in so many people could be the lack of parental guidance at an early age on how to deal with situations that won’s yield results immediately but require some application of imagination. Or the person in question didn’t have to fend for themselves very often in the growing-up process.

Overcoming these infuriating incidents normally only requires the victim to do one thing that requires very little instruction: TRY