The “I’s” Have It
by Larry Turner

I was watching TV on a warm day recently and suddenly felt like I had been overcome by the heat. I thought that because the subject of every story on the newscast I was watching started with the letter “i.”

There was the ongoing story about Immigration at the southern borders, how the illegals were being treated by the border patrol, and the inability of the bordering states to handle the crisis.  There was a tangential story buried behind the main event suggesting that the Biden administration may be resuming the construction of “the wall” without any fanfare about it.

When the financial news came on there was caution about the effects of Inflation on the economy and how it could damage the nation’s recovery by increasing the cost of living and, therefore, the ability of workers in lower-level jobs to maintain their homes and families as they had become accustomed to.

In the next breath, the news shifted to the undoubted Increase in taxes which will be necessary in order to pay for the stimulus programs, the increased entitlements, and the proposed infrastructure plans of the administration.  Even if the increase affects only the “wealthy,” we should not forget that it is that sector of the population that creates jobs for much of the rest of the country.

When the newscast returned to regular national events, there was the story about the State of California announcing that it would give 75,000 prison Inmates good conduct credits so they can be released into the mainstream population. That should scare residents of that sanctuary state sufficiently to intensify their moves to Texas, Florida and other welcoming destinations.  How could anyone even think of doing such a thing, let alone enact it?

Turning to international news, the host ran scary videos of the war between Israel and Hamas and suggested that other countries could well be drawn into the conflict to protect their allies.  With all the other disasters unfolding, one has to wonder whether Washington has a grip on the situation.

I couldn’t believe how much disastrous news was coming to us under the letter “i,” so I turned to a different channel only to be met with a discussion about why the country is in peril because of the Issues of mental health and unpopularity facing the country’s two most powerful leaders. 

That was it!  Enough was enough, so I went to bed and, of course, had Insomnia.