The New Stimulus Bill Raises More Questions Than It Answers
by Larry Turner

The argument for larger stimulus checks was that the larger payments would put more currency into circulation in the economy and, therefore, help the economy recover more quickly.  The counter argument was that a huge percentage of those receiving the government dole are people who are employed and don’t need the money to survive.  The result would be that the government payments to that segment would likely end up in savings accounts to protect against future economic downturns.  If that is accurate, the additional payments would not benefit the economy much at all.

The discouraging fact in that scenario is that stimulus checks are sent to Americans who don’t need them, while millions of others cannot feed themselves let alone their families.  Why doesn’t someone in Washington cull out those checks destined for those who don’t absolutely need them?  I guess that would require work and reduce the time available to politicians to beg their constituents for more donations to maintain them in office.

There are other anomalies in the stimulus bill:

  • Why is the Department of Homeland Security and Labor Department being given the ability to import more foreign labor competition against Americans when 24.5 Americans are unemployed or underemployed?
  • Why is taxpayer money being allocated to fund border security in foreign countries when we cannot protect America’s own borders?
  • Why are taxpayers being asked to fund two new Smithsonian museums?
  • Why are we sending funds to the needy while at the same time establishing a “three-martini lunch” tax deduction for business meals?
  • Why do we need to extend the tax credit for racehorse owners?

We could keep going but that would require reading the entirety of the nearly 6,000-page Bill; and, seeing that most in Congress haven’t done that, why should we?

The point is that this so-called stimulus legislation is stimulating the checkbooks of many more politicians and foreign governments than U.S. citizens who need financial assistance.  Not only has the 2020 election unearthed the corruption in our election system but also the cancer of greed that infects our legislative process.

May God Bless America.