We Enter The 2024 Baseball Season With A Little More Confidence
by Larry Turner

Logic would certainly dictate that the new season should start pretty much on the same note as last season ended, and so it shall for the Marlins.

The team came on strong towards the end of last year’s campaign, and it will begin the 2024 edition on March 28 much like it ended. The team was able to gain momentum before the schedule came to a halt with the addition of some much-needed power at the plate. Most of that roster stays in tack, except that Jorge Soler, who pounded 36 home runs during his previous tenure with the club, decided to become a free agent after last season concluded and has since signed with the Giants.

The assumed roster will still have “pop,” however. Arraez hit .354 last year and Burger .303; Chisholm had 19 HRs in 97 games and Bell had 11 in 53 games; De La Cruz had 19 HRs and 149 hits, and Sanchez had 14 HRs with 23 two-baggers; and Berti had 114 hits for the year and is a proven base-stealer. That’s a pretty good start to a successful season.

The Marlins have enjoyed a strong pitching group, both starters and long and short relievers. We should see more of the same this year unless some of the team’s standouts find themselves traded away for additional, consistent power hitters.

Some of the answers will become more apparent as we enjoy Spring Training and get to see some of the lesser-known talent not familiar to us now. Let’s hope some of them become extremely familiar to us by the end of this new chapter.

Photos Courtesy Of The Miami Marlins