When Some Parents Are Labeled Terrorists
by Larry Turner

I am flabbergasted (if that is still a word) when I see or read about how parents of school children are being treated by school patrols and the judicial system when they have public discussions, albeit heated, about what their children are being taught and how they are taught.

The subjects in question are generally about whether or not face coverings should be mandated and whether certain racially charged subjects should be part of the normal curriculum. Instead of listening and taking all points of view into consideration, school boards lower themselves into the ring of shouting and fist-thumping parents or those who just want to stir up trouble.

It has even come to the point where a few of the more vocal parents are being labeled “terrorists” by some, what are supposed to be, level-headed, mature, elected school board members.  Where are the First Amendment rights of these involved parents?

One report aired on a popular channel said the Department of Justice was going to request the FBI to prosecute parents for their participation in these meetings and voicing their concerns and beliefs.  Are we becoming a police state?  I would rather have our law enforcement forces working to quell the major spike in crime across the U.S. that is occurring while they are fighting our own citizens who seek to express their personal points of view on matters close to their hears and families.