Where Do We Look For The Truth In The Future
by Larry Turner

The media today now publicly recognizes that journalism as we once revered it is dead.  What is so ironic is that both the death of journalism and the belated recognition of that fact was the result of action, or inaction, by the once-iconic New York Times. It was that former protector of facts that vilified the New York Post for its story about the now-famous Hunter Biden laptop and declared that story to be no more than “misinformation.”  Belatedly, the Times has apparently recognized that it was wrong and that there is much information in that piece of electronics that is accurate and damning to certain individuals and families.

In reality, journalism as we knew it growing up in this country has been dead for quite some time.  The information shoved in our faces every day by network and cable news shows (and they really are just shows) has been bogus for some time and the purveyors
of that information in the form of well-known newscasters are equally to blame in framing their stories to fit their political leanings, or at least the leanings of their managements or of those who instruct them what to say publicly.

To be totally honest, when watching or listening to the news these days I have no idea whether what I am seeing and hearing is true, partially true, or completely false.  All we can do is try to see whether the facts we are receiving are corroborated by other sources. Even then there can be the “laptop-effect” where every “journalist” follows the party line regardless of the real facts.  This is extremely disheartening because we have no idea what is really happening in our own governments or in the frequent protests, or now in the Ukraine war.  Using that as an example, for all we know many of the decisions made by our country and its allies regarding our support for one side or another are dictated by secret relationships leaders have with one another, today or in the past.

Just as confusing is trying to determine what it will take to turn this train-wreck around and return to the time when we could rely on the media for the truth.  That sounds like such a little thing to seek, but it will be one of the hardest things our nation has ever
tried to achieve.