Why Joe Biden Will Run Again In 2024
by Larry Turner

I never thought I would be making this statement at all, let alone publicly, but here goes: I feel deeply sorry for the mental and physical condition that President Biden seems to be in, and the condemnation that has followed his decline.

There have been repeated falls and stumbles; he often forgets the names of event sponsors and local politicians; he forgets which state he is making his appearance in; and he often looks confused and unable to express himself. Not only does this speak volumes about his current health, mental and physical, but it also has created an embarrassment around the world not only for our president but for our country. Every time there is such an occurrence, the media have a field day running videos of his missteps over and over on all the world news platforms.

Making the situation even more difficult for the Democratic Party looking ahead at the 2024 Presidential election is the dearth of alternative, qualified candidates who have a prayer of being elected over Trump, DeSantis or whoever the Republicans vote to carry the flag. Let’s see, there’s clueless Kamala Harris, Pothole Pete Buttigieg, the always outspoken Bronx native and activist AOC, or Biden’s LGBTQ activist Energy Department official Sam Brinton.

None of these options will get the Democrats back to the White House, other than choosing Joe Biden himself to run again as he has sworn to do.  But even his party understands his shortcomings and how they are viewed by our allies and enemies alike. So, what is the party to do?

A very appealing option is to select a running mate for the president who has adequate qualifications not to be a drawback for the ticket. Make that person his next running mate and, if that pair is elected to the highest office, have them sworn in to represent our country.

The key will be to take advantage of the President’s next “lapse” and develop that happening into a reasonable scenario for him to temporarily retire from public appearances, followed by his resignation for largely unexplained reasons.

That script will go a long way to insuring a win for the Democrats in the next presidential election as well as having a “qualified” replacement ready to step into the presidential quarters of the White House.

Sound far fetched? Maybe, maybe not!