You Never Know
by Roberta B. Turner

You never know who someone is, so it is important to treat everyone with the same respect you expect/want for yourself. I am so pleased with the many people I interact with on a regular basis at various retailers, restaurants and valet companies.

I recently went to one of our favorite restaurants that we frequent and where we have become friendly with all the valet personnel. Recently I witnessed a display of anger for no real reason at the valet service. I have to say this valet service is excellent and goes out of their way to treat everyone extremely well. When they assisted me to the car, I asked the valet person whether this type of anger and disrespect happens to them often. He replied yes and said that what is so amazing is this is the same person that he sees during his day job when he is treating children as a Child Phycologist who asked him to help their child deal with their issues. He works as a valet at nights to make extra money to pay off his college loans.

This same man for the past few years has done nothing but show us kindness.

I can’t count how many times I have friended a restaurant server who informs me of their college courses and their future professional goals to be everything from nurses, doctors, to marketing executives.  Most people have goals to be successful in whatever field they aspire to. You also never know what the individual has to address in their everyday lives. They may have an elderly parent that needs medical assistance, they may not have the luxury of time to study for another career because it doesn’t matter who they are and what they are; it is all about people treating each other with kindness and respect.

I have depended on assistance this past year for my various ankle injuries and surgeries, and I can tell you I have experienced tremendous kindness and amazing ignorance when someone will close the door when I am opening or exiting a room. If you’re there and you see someone who could use a little bit of assistance or just simple kindness, what do you have to lose by extending it.